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How to Protect Your Privacy From Hackers With a VPN

Why Do I Need to Use a VPN

Are you a digital citizen? Or are you more of an online outlaw, living on the dark web and hacking into other people"s computers to steal their personal information? If you are in the latter category, then this article is not for you.If you want to stay safe while surfing the internet, using public WiFi networks or sending private emails, a VPN can help. It encrypts your data so that hackers cannot read it. This makes them blind to your location and activities so they cannot watch what you are doing online. This is the perfect tool to keep your privacy.


VPNs are most useful for protecting your privacy when you are using public WiFi networks, which can be riddled with malware. When connected to a VPN, the data coming from your device is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone who might have access to that network. In other words, if someone attempts to spy on you over a public WiFi connection (e.g., at an airport or coffee shop), they willl see nothing but gibberish in their logs. This also helps keep out hackers.

Mar 8, 2022


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